Red Means Run

“We lifted the name from Neil Young’s Powderfinger.” says Ryan Wells, singer/guitarist of the Philadelphia based roots rock band, Red Means Run. “After months of going back and forth, we were reduced to stealing. And we figured if you’re going to steal, do so from one of the all-time greats.”

Red Means Run hit the Philadelphia music scene in September 2013 with the release of their debut EP “When All Things Are Said And Done” which features 4 original songs of love, loss, redemption and heartache.

“I like to think of them as country western songs with a lot of distortion,” notes Wells.

The independently produced EP was recorded over 3 days at Philadelphia’s Milkboy Studios with the band playing live in the same room with minimal takes and overdubs.

“It was important for us to keep the recording process as straightforward and real as we could. We wanted the songs to sound loose and a little raw,” says lead guitarist, Jim McKay.

Musically, “When All Things Are Said And Done” is nod towards alt country greats such as Uncle Tupelo, Whiskeytown and The Bottlerockets, but retains an identity all it’s own.

“I think the EP captures the range of the band well – it’s rock n roll with a little 70’s in there but it’s also got some twang without really being country” explains Wells.

Red Means Run was formed in 2012 when bassist Craig Newschaffer assembled a session with Wells, McKay and drummer Denis Golden – all of whom he had met at different times over the last few years.

“I met Ryan a few years back and Jim and Denis more recently and thought things might click,” says Newschaffer. “So, I contacted them all and got everyone together in a room and luckily things did.”

“We’ve all played in various bands in the past so we had a lot of experience going in,” adds Golden. “It had been a few years since Ryan was in a band, so he had a lot of material ready to go. So, things have come together pretty quickly”.

Since the release of “When All Things Are Said And Done”, Red Mean Run have taken their guitar-fueled approach to Americana to local venues such as World Cafe Live, Bourbon & Branch, Milkboy, The Legendary Dobbs, The Fire, The Grape Room and the Voltage Lounge and have garnered support from local media outlets such as Rock On Philly.

“It’s been a lot of fun to get the songs out of the studio and to play them live. The reception has been great” explains McKay.

“The sound of the band is evolving” adds Wells. “We’re working on new songs and hope to get back into the studio soon for a follow up”.


Red Means Run

Ryan Wells – Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica

Jim McKay – Guitar, Vocals

Craig Newschaffer – Bass

Denis Golden – Drums, Percussion


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